Welcome to OUR WORLD

We want to better humans and live with better human dreams


We want to establish a strong skill developed community which can provide a huge economic progress

Dreamers club is originated as a skill development program created by Md. Azad and advised by Mar a nul Shovin, Md. Johurul , Ashik meher and lots of people who wanted to create a strong community with lots of hope, working opportunity and skill development opportunities. We also thought it as a fine organization which can provide health concerned product and advise which can help people to live better. For example, we created a program called the Organic Garden which can create revolution in medicine and heath sector of our country. Non the less, we created a skill development program called “Know your basics” , to train our countryside people in basic functionality of information technology. It helped people a lot in knowing mobile phone basic usage and functionalities and understanding some computer knowledge they needed to know to carry on in their normal life activities. However, all the programs were heavily appreciated by all, now we are also moving forward. At last Md. Azad and his associates are launching a simple program to help learning of computer programming knowledge to the countryside children to enhance their understanding abilities and clear view on computer programming thus can help and motivate them to be a better programmer or engineer or a just a person, ” We are doing that for the betterment of the nation ” – said so the Project Architect of Dreamers Club Ashik Meher mobin. People say we are doing charity. But we say , nope!! we are doing it for ourselves.

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  1. this was wonderful experience, I hope to join them again. Little children were very much excited about the class, but initially i was confused that how can they handle them. But at last I saw they handled it very well. Thank you dreamers members for their wonderful effort.

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